Installation Manual

See below for installation instructions.

Installation Manual

You will have received the product shown above if you purchased our product. The standards of the box for buried pipe : 185mm wide, 550mm long, and 85mm deep.

Model Name
Product Size

Please check the size of product and select the location of product installation on the wall. And then, choose the location of the box for buried pipe with above blueprint. (Caution : floor surfaces are based on the completed status such as floor or papered floor.)

As shown in the picture above, make sure to align the box flat to surface of the wall. Connect the 13mm hose nipple to the elbow socket. Below you will find a outlet and a boiler interlocking signal line (UTP).

Install the heating water supply pipe, heating water return pipe, and floor heating pipe correctly in the above position. (Caution: If installed differently from the manual, the product will not operate normally.)

There is a hole in the pipe box where the product can be installed on the wall. After confirming the interval table on the basis of the hole of the piping box, install the knife block and put the piece with 1cm left. (Caution: The horizontal and spacing must be accurate for installation and maintain an even level after installation.)

After removing the left and right cover, hang the elliptical hole on the back of the product as shown in the picture. After confirming the position of the product, fully tighten the piece and check that the product is securely installed.

Check the hose to confirm its position. Use the stainless  hose located on the left side of the product to connect the hose from the inside (heating water supply) to the hose nipple of the piping box. (Caution: If the hose is not securely tightened, it may leak by the heat and pressure.)

Connect the signal cable and then the power plug. Touch the product's power button to see if it works and check for leaks at the pipe and hose connections. (Caution : For first time use, keep changing the heating mode, and test the boiler for more than 1 hour and remove  air from the hot water dispenser.)

Installation Manual

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